Friday, May 16, 2008

Dutch Power Ranger?

I have family in town this week so I have not been able to get much stamping done, thus, no new card to show you.  But I thought I would take this time to help you answer the pondered question of, "If Power Rangers were from the Netherlands, what kind of shoes would they wear to help defeat the enemy?" Ok... so maybe this NEVER entered your mind, but I think I found the answer- just in case....

The story:  My sister has a boyfriend who is from the Netherlands and they gave these slippers, which mimic the look of the Dutch wooden shoe, to my boys as a gift thinking it would be cute and fun... never really thinking they would be worn so much. Well, they get as much use out of them as their sneakers!  I just don't think the "bad guys" would take my Power Rangers too seriously, do you?  And don't you think these pictures are worthy for a look back during their wedding? I think so!!! : )  


  1. LOL, these are great!! And most definitely blow up these pics and post them everywhere at their receptions!!! Such evil mothers, aren't we?!

  2. DUH - I just realised I never commented! HAHAHA - what rock have I been hiding under?? Can I just say that those are the hottest fashion items for the upcoming season?? They should wear them for their first day at school!


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