Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Enjoying the Summer...

Hello everyone! I know the lines here in blogland have been quiet from me, but it has been a very busy end of school year and summer so far!

I decided to take a break at the end of my guest designer stint with Our Craft Lounge as my hubby came home for his R&R sooner than expected. We enjoyed every minute of the 15 days he was home nonetheless! Knowing what my family dealt with this Spring with my kids, it was important for my husband and I to continue the focus as a family. This month has turned out to be busier than thought and I am now living out of a suitcase! I needed to pass some time and keep the kids minds off the fact that daddy has left back to Iraq again that I have taken them to FL to visit my mom. She and I then took the boys to Universal Orlando and we had a blast! While we were there, I had a wonderful dinner with Kim and her family as they got to experience the Anton twins! (Kim is probably recovering still! Lol!!) On a sad note, while here in FL my husband's grandfather passed away. He was a strong gentle man whom my husband looked up to and was very close. He will be missed by us all but he will not be forgotten! We are getting ready to return to NC only to re-pack and spend a week at the beach for a camp I have enrolled them in at the Aquarium. They are so looking forward to that! Once that is done, I once again turn around to re-pack and excitedly head out to Chicago for CHA!! Woot! I can't wait to see everyone again! If you will be there, I would love to meet you!

So as you can see, it's been a little nutty around here and completely uncreative! :( I am ready to get back on the saddle after CHA to share with you my creations! I know how unforgiving crafters can be when you have been silent for long periods of time, but I appreciate your patience to those who have waited!

Thanks again and be sure to stay tuned!!