Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Have A Winner!!

We have a winner for the Blog Candy!!  Thank you all for the kind comments! I look forward to many more months of sharing with you all what inspires me!  I used a very sophisticated program to choose the name... my dh picked out of a hat!!  And would Angela R. come on down!!   Congratulations Angela and when I return,  I will be sure to post a picture of all the goodies!  


  1. YAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! sweet! i'm so excited and i don't even know what it is!! hehe!! thanks!!!!

  2. YEAH Angel!!!

    Hope you are doin well Deb--miss you!

  3. Now Deb you tell DH that I am disappointed in his number selections.... We need to work on that. LOL Congrats Angel... Stacy

  4. Yeah whatever------we know she must have bribed you better than Stac though! heehee

    Congratulations Angel!

  5. Erm, what a loser I am. I have been so caught up with work that I haven't read Deb's blog in a while. I started catching up by reading from the the oldest blogs and NOW come across the candy challenge!! Humph, teaches me to be more on the ball, now doesn't it?? xxx


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