Monday, June 23, 2008


Well... I have been tagged by my friend Judy, aka stampingqueenJAR.  Thanks Judy for tagging me! I am to answer these questions and tag 7 people in return.  My gosh! I am so new that I think if I tag random blogs I visit, they will probably block me as the crazy girl!! But I will take that chance!! LOL!!  Look out random people!!!

I will start off this week with a little more information about me...

1.  The link is above...

2. a) I have a memory like an elephant.  I store useless information in my brain not by choice.  I read or see things and it just somehow sticks.  Years from now, I will probably remember what I saw or read and repeat it.  My dh and sister get a kick out of it and call it the "Rolodex File."  My dh swears I probably remember being born but don't want to admit it!!  (I really don't by the way...)  I remember so much from my childhood from as far back as about 3 years old.  

b) I was born in Indonesia, my mother is Indonesian, and my father was British.  (He has since passed) I am a British citizen as well as an American. 

c) I am a self learner. I dislike taking classes to learn something new or to learn a new program.  Don't get me wrong, some things need a class to take when it requires hands on, but for things that don't necessarily require the hands on, I will take it upon my self to learn.  I can spend hours (on and off) learning something.  I just find it interesting...

d) I love to sing and dance.  As I mentioned in my bio, I do enjoy those two things in addition to my beadn&stampn.  I spent many years doing professional theatre prior to getting married and having kids.  I miss the stage and lights, but my family now takes the spotlight.

e) I have a luggage fetish.... yup! You read right... a luggage fetish!!  I love luggage!! Luckily, I have enough willpower to not purchase a lot, but I enjoy looking and purchasing it when it comes time for it.

f) This is probably not new to some of you, but I am a military wife to an Army officer.  We move often, but I like it.  It allows us to see new places and new cities, but it isn't always in the places we would have chosen. Sometimes, it can be in the middle of no where! But the friends you meet and the friendships you keep are priceless.  I am blessed to have a wonderful dh and beautiful twin boys!

g) I spent 13 years in the Food and Beverage industry. I have worked for some of the largest and hottest restaurants concepts known worldwide, to include casinos and hotels.  I left the industry before my children were born as a GM/Food & Beverage Director for a large hotel and restaurant concept.

4. The people I am tagging are:  Cammie, Dawn, Angela R., Laura, Debi, and I will follow the trend of Judy... all of you readers who are kind enough to visit and leave comments on my blog. CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED!!! Please leave me a comment so I can visit your blog and add you to my "roll."  

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better!


  1. It's nice to get to know you! You've had quite a lot of experiences in your life so far!

  2. What fun things to read! I learned some stuff too!!!

  3. Oh, I got such a kick out of your responses, particularly the Rolodex Memory ('and yeah, remember Jennifer Striker, blah, blah, blah...??' HAHAHAHAHA! And the luggage! The Tumi luggage excitement in San Marcos???? I just wish I had the same willpower as you. But since I don't, I have too much luggage that the basement storage spot can't house anything else! But yes, all the things my darling sis says are true...she is one remarkable woman... xxx


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