Friday, June 27, 2008

Remember the show Wings?

We are having a great time in Cape Cod and enjoying the cool weather.  It has been so hot in TX that this change of weather is welcoming. The trip here was interesting as we got caught up in some bad weather and were stuck in Boston for 4 hours.  From Boston, we were to take a puddle jumper plane to the Cape and it cannot fly during poor weather.  When I say puddle jumper, I really mean it!! It is an 8 seater Cessna plane where they have to ask your weight prior to flying so they know how to distribute it within the cabin.  It is probably the one time you cannot get offended when asked what your weight is to a stranger!  The luggage gets placed in the wings and front of the plane.  Do you remember the show "Wings?"  It is like that!  LOL!! You are waiting in a little terminal and walking outside to get on the plane. The weather was starting to clear up and the pilot, who thankfully is very experienced, decided it was safe enough to take the 25 minute flight.  The boys were really excited for both getting on the little airplane and to get out of the Boston Airport, while dh and I were a little nervous.  DH is already a nervous flier where as I am not. (Unless there is terrible turbulence) We taxi to the runway swallowed between two large airplanes and take off.  It was a beautiful sight to see all of Boston at a birds eye view!  As we leave the Boston Harbour area, we get over the Atlantic/Cape Cod Bay and it starts to rain and get a little rough.  The wind was strong enough to make the plane fly to the side a little!  EEK! DH and I were white knuckled and as I look back behind us to the boys, they were passed out sleeping!! The turbulence and sideways flying didn't phase them a bit!  Once again, thankfully, it was a short flight and my mind went to ease when I saw the beautiful cloudy view of Cape Cod and the little runway at the end of the Cape where we were to land.  Of course my camera was packed in my suitcase so I don't have a picture to post, but when we leave next week, I will be sure to take one! 

 I thought I would share a couple of pictures I took yesterday while at the beach with the boys during low tide.  We come every year here
 and it is amazing that I can take different pictures of the same area every year!  

This is a picture of the shore line looking to the East End of the town.

This is the Pilgrims Monument commemorating the first landfall of the Pilgrims.  You can see by the little landing how low the tide is and how far out I was taking the picture from the bay.

This is just a black and white photo I took of a cute little sailboat anchored in the bay.  

Thanks for looking and reading my crazy fight story!  I'll be back to post the winner of my blog candy!


  1. Aren't kids amazing how they will sleep through all that. The twins would of done the same thing. Glad you made it safely, those pictures are great. Enjoy your time! Stacy

  2. Hey girl, sounds like you are on quite an adventure. Thanks for sharing your stories and all you beautiful pics. Can't wait to catch up a little. Sorry I have been somewhat MIA. Take care!

  3. Angel would love that flying story...............EEK!


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