Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blog Candy Picture

Hi everyone!! We are back from our Kansas City trip! After being able to peek out from under all the things we brought back from my dh's apartment and laundry, I am able to breathe and make my promised post... The Blog Candy photo!!  Below is what Angela R. won!! Congratulations!! Included is some glitter rub-on's, Daisy D Rub on tape, American Crafts Ribbon, Ribbon FX, an owl stamp, Cuttlebug embossing folders, and a 6" needle craft template.  You are probably thinking, what the heck is this needle craft template?  Well, it is my favorite size in being able to make perfect circle piercings on a card.  Gina K. is offering different shapes and smaller sizes on her website along with an explanation and tutorial on her blog.  Check it out!!  (you can also purchase these at your local craft store...)   Hope you enjoy these goodies Angela!!  I will have another post of some great shots from our trip! I normally don't do that, but I just have to on this one!! : )  Have a great day!


  1. awesome Deb. Enjoy Angel... should of been number 11. hee hee

  2. yay for me!! i never win *candy*!! can't wait to play with all this new schtuff!! thanks so much!!


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