Monday, September 24, 2012

Rock On!!!

Whew! Made it to Monday and past the boys birthday and their party!! It was a really fun birthday year for them since they turned 10 and one of my son's received a drum set! He has only been taking lessons for a few weeks but he is a true natural! Even his instructor is amazed and knows that he needed a set to continue this talent. So, the dh and I bit the bullet and bought him one and it's been a rocking house since! : )

 In honor of that, I made his birthday card to represent it although I would have loved a stamp instead, perhaps in a silhouette form. It was hard to find locally and didn't have time to order, so I went with a sticker I found and worked with that.

I used 7 Gypsies collection of Off the Wall and thought that this was a good image to replicate arms going crazy at a concert! lol!  I distressed the twill ribbon with distress ink and used MFT's T-shirt set for the sentiment. I also distressed all the sides and added some antique brads to finish it off.

My son loved it so at least I know I did ok. : )   Thanks so much for taking a peek and hope you all have a fabulous start to the week!!

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  1. of course he loved it....mother of the year! Enjoy your ROCKIN house! hee! (can you hear me now!)


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