Thursday, May 10, 2012

Transparency in Soap- Teachers Gift

I have a super simple fun teachers gift to share with you today. I cannot take credit for this original idea, but the actual craft I got from Brown Paper Packages. A few people have replicated this project but I never saw one done for a teacher. So, I created my own template with words. I will explain how to make this at the end.

For this complete project, I got a small basket to place the soap in and made a little label holder from wood, spray painted in chalkboard paint, and finished with a small clothespin. I wish I could have gotten a smaller piece of wood but in the end, it's a good size that can be reused on something else. I used some Twinery twine to wrap the edges of the label after the paint dried. I then used some stickers from Paper Studio to write "stuff" at the top and added a piece of chalk. Here is the finished project:

So how do you do this? Well, you can do this with soap or hand sanitizer. First, you will need a laser printer or copier to print your words on the transparency. If not, the ink will run into the soap/sanitizer and that won't make for a pretty presentation. Once you have your choice liquid, you will need some Goo Gone to take the stickers off the bottle. Then, create your template of words you would like to use in the bottle. Some other ideas be a monogram, family name, something humorous, the list goes on! Print your template on the transparency and cut to size. I have found that if you leave the cut out just a little bit larger than the actual front size of the bottle, it will stay better and not have the tendency to lean over a bit. To get the transparency in the bottle, just roll your cutout from the backside and tuck in the bottle. Use the pump to help maneuver it around to your spot. That's it! Add some ribbon or put in a basket like I did and your gift is ready to go!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek! I will have another fun and easy project tomorrow to share with you for teacher! This week, it is all about the teacher! :) Have a great day!

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