Monday, March 5, 2012

Leather + Dies = Bracelet

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I wold like to share a bracelet I made using leather.  My thought for this bracelet orginally was to use my dies to create the shapes for the bracelet.  So, I bought the leather pieces and realized that even though the dies work, I wanted color!! You can find the basics - black, brown, and natural.  But I wanted something "springy."  I ended up finding some leather flower cut outs in nice spring colors that I used.

I used two leather bracelets to create the width I wanted.  By doing so, I had to do a little changing to the clasps in order to make one.  I used some larger square snaps to secure the two bracelets together in three spots. (The ends and center)

I  used my mini hole puncher to create to holes for the snaps to fit through the leather.  The snaps are from EK Success that have been in my stash for eternity.  I placed the snaps through the flower and the hole in the bracelet to make for a fairly snug fit.  I then used my Crop-a-dile to close the snaps.

Do that throughout the whole bracelet until you achieve the look you want.  Being able to cut leather with your dies makes for endless possibilities in creating some one of kind pieces that are fun and unique.  I have the Vagabond machine which cuts pretty much into anything! It really ROCKS!  If you are using something other than that, you may have to run it through a few times or use a shim to get it to cut through.

I know I will be playing around more with something like this, as it is a great way to use some embellishments you have!! LOL!! Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!! Have a great day!


  1.'s the trick to finding the right lego minifigure. Time and patience...and no fear if you stand there for 30 minutes "feeling" the packages! haha

    So, the trick for the has mini legos that don't bend. Feel for the round pot and the hat. It's pretty easy to feel. Know that the gold is actually 3 small, round "one-ers" as we call them. haha.

    And the statue of liberty: Well, there are 2 girls with dresses. So feel for the triangle. And then, feel for the telescope. B/c that's the torch. The other girl has a fan. So, if you feel a triangular thing..that's probably the fan. You can also feel for the "crown" on the statue. Good luck!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute is that!! Love it, Deb!


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