Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I am ready for school to start...

I have to survive 4 more days until school begins for my boys.  They are starting kindergarten this year and I can't help remember what my MIL said about how I will be crying on that day.  (Hi mom!)   I also can't help remembering me saying to her that I really won't; perhaps the car will still be moving as I say good bye and tell them to jump out. (of course I am joking here...we will be walking to school)  It is days like today that I am certain I will kiss my boys good bye, tell them to have a great day, all whilst I RUN home to enjoy the peace and quiet and maybe stare at the wall- and pour myself a mimosa!  What do you think? Do these pictures say I am right or is it like an 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?'   What is it that you are looking at?  Well, you know those thick foam protectors you get in a box of something new? Yeeeaaahhhh... well they took those and thought our house needed to be cushioned much like one of those squishy pillows filled with mini foam circles!  OH! You have to click on the picture to get the full effect of my pain... ok, maybe not, but my vacuum is on overload! So, Carolyn, I am with you when you say why you don't home school and ready for school to start!

** What you can't see is that it was worse just prior to these pictures as my boys were trying to hurry and clean before I saw it, and that it continued it on to just about every room in the house.. including the driveway!!! (I was in the shower when they decided to decorate the lawn and home)

It is all under the bed, in those tubs, the closets, my office, my bedroom, the living room, and even in the laundry room!

Yes, you are looking at a pair of pj bottoms and a Power Ranger glove for extra decoration in their room...


  1. Gotta love boys! Mine have done very similar things. I didn't cry when my baby went to kindergarten and while I didn't have a mimosa, that would have been a grand idea. Mine each had a friend over night and are currently playing with firecrackers (thanks for buying those DH) and shooting air soft guns at the bees nest in the neighbors tree. Grrrrrrrr, I told them that I won't be taking them to ER today. Is it Sept. 2 yet?

  2. hee hee Oh Deb... you poor thing. It is so hard to clean that all up, use packing tape to make it pick up. Better than the vacuum. You do have packing tape right? lol SOrry couldn't resist. Hugs....

  3. I am so with you on the school thing. My 12 y/o son was practicing his baseball swing in the house with a bat and put a small hole in the wall, I am for sure going to be kicking them out of the car:) Good luck, my friend.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! This is hysterical! But only because I am looking at a picture! However, with my new puppy, I have almost the same types of things at my house (and lots more that I would love diapers for), and then I am NOT laughing........

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Classic A&T! LOVE IT!! (Yeah, so says the one without children. Just give me a few years when I have kids and they are old enough to tear the house apart - where will my big mouth be then? HAHAHAHA!!)


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