Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coming out of boxes...

I am finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel!!! Boxes have surrounded me the last week and a half, but most has been unpacked.  I made a promise to dh that I would not unpack my office/stamping room until the rest of the house was done.  I think that was only fair.  It is important to ensure the kids are settled and that we have a "home" to surround us.  Paper and ink had to take a back seat.  We did paint the living and dining room this past weekend and we are so happy that is done. It has made our home that much more cozy!  Speaking of the kids, they have adjust to this move quite nicely with no hiccups.  We were not sure what we may have been in for, but once again, they have surprised us by being so excited about being in a new place.  They are ready for school to start (so am I!!) and they are excited about being able to walk to school.  Their school is around the corner and its great to know that it will serve two purposed for me- drop the kids at school and get in some morning exercise.

I hope to have my stamping room finished by this weekend as I need dh to help move some desks around.  So, perhaps a creation??!! I sure hope so!  Thank you all once again for being so patient with me during this transition.  There is so much I want to share with you!  

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  1. Get that room unpacked so you can start stamping woman... kiddding.... glad you are starting to see the light. hugs

  2. OK, so I clicked on your blog as I haven't read in a while.....erm, hello??? I have been soooo out of touch - look at all the blogs since I last took a peek!! So, I started from where I left off and worked my way up to here. Consequently, you are going to find a whole host of comments which I have just a bread crumb trail! HAHAHA....Thanks for keeping up on I am not there to see for myself, this is a WONDERFUL way for me to be a 'part of it' (albeit remotely)....Can't wait to see you in a few months!! As soon as you are more settled with the house and unpacking, etc., we can get moving on your dress, etc. Get back on my website so that you, Sally and I can discuss colour coordination! Come on, let's put your Colouring Convention certification to use! HAHAHA!! Also, the invitations, etc. etc. Love and miss you sooooo....D. xxxx

  3. I wish I could come and help!!
    I hope things become unboxed easily!!


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