Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's time for some BLOG CANDY!!!!


In my, what seems like ENDLESS, organization and unpacking of my stamp room, (ok, it's really not that bad... just lack of storage in this new place...) I have found lots of things that I had been saving for Blog candy. I tend to pick up things on my excursions to different LSS or big names and I stash them for some fun candy.  Because I have lack of storage and have to share my space as a guest room, I am compiling most of what I have saved into one big candy giveaway!  All you have to do is leave me a comment about how you like to store your embellishments that saves on space and/or your 12x12 paper.  I would love to hear all the different ideas that I may have to incorporate into my space!  I also want to continue my thanks to you all for your patience in not sharing any creations.  I am almost there!!!  There is some light shining through...  This giveaway will run until September 1 when a random winner will be picked via   So, spread the word and good luck to you all!! Below is a picture of what will be given away!  Even a set of Karen Foster's SNAP STAMPS are included!!

Karen Foster Snap Stamps, American craft ribbon, misc. ribbon, embellishments, Studio G Alphabet stamps, Halloween stamps, and summer stamp, Hobby Girl mints, Greenhouse plastic flowers, K&CO mat pack, Chipboard letters, rhinestones, piercing template (circle), SU! Snail tape refill, trinket box for altering, metal dots embellishments, chipboard sayings from CTMH, and  memo pad.  ENJOY!


  1. well. come on now...hurry up and get back! lol!

    glad everything is coming along nicely. I have to clean house myself---cannot believe all the stuff you find when you move.

    hugs and miss you!

  2. That's a whole pile of yumminess!!

    I rescued some old kitchen cabinets from a kitchen redo ... they were in pristine condition so I don't understand why they were getting rid of them, but...I scooped 'em up!

    Anyway, I store all my card stock, patterned paper, and embellies in the cabinets in my studio. They're out of sight, off the floor, and hold tons o'stuff!

    I also use a ton of CD holders to store everything from clear stamps, to Nesties, to embellishments. It's crazy how much stuff we have, isn't it?!?

    ~Hugs, Deb

  3. I re-package my embellishments into the smallest ziplock bag they will fit. Then I sort them by categories into shoe-box size clear plastic boxes: buttons, brads and eyelets, flowers, etc. Good luck with the rest of your settling in and I hope you get your papercrafting stuff set up perfectly! :0)


  4. I keep my embellishments, the small stuff like brads and eyelets, in a compartmentalized case called a bead and floss case. Works quite well for me.

  5. Wow, what generous blog candy! I am just getting into stamping, so I don't have a ton of embellishments yet, so I just have them all thrown into a clear bag. I just keep all my paper in different clear plastic boxes.

  6. I store most of my tinier embellishments (brads, eyelets, etc.) in the thin round cases SU sells - I can't think of their name offhand. I have them on end in a drawer of a 7 drawer unit. It works well for me.

    Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy!

    Kerry Morgan

  7. WOW!
    I store my embelishements in little transparent boxes, with dividers (I can store there lots of different embelishments).
    My 12X12 papers are in my desk drawers. I have 3 drawers: 1 for my 12X12, 1 for other sizes and the third for albums and projects in process.
    Shir (from Israel)

  8. Ooo... sweet candy!! I store my embellies and tools in those tool boxes as they have lots of compartments. I store my papers on my shelves on a bookcase as I don't have a proper craft room.

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  9. I have a small portable drawers that I keep beside my desk. I store my tools and papers in there. As for the embellishments and other small stuff, I pack them in clear ziplock bags and they have a special drawer as well. Thanks!


  10. I have all my 12x12 paper and cardstock in a canvas bag. I don't have tons, but I have a lot. It slips between the wall and my cabinette where I store my stamps. My 8 1/2x11 paper I have in one of those mail slot organizers on top of my stamp cabinette. I have my brads, buttons asnd eyelets in a recycled spice racks. There is a turnstile one on the corner of the desk and several racks on the wall.

  11. Hi!
    Great giveaway!!
    I got those empty punch boxes from SU to store my loose stamps by company.

  12. You have a wonderful blog! Well, let's see...I store my 12 x 12 paper on a shelf right above my desk in Cropper Hopper holders, that way I can just grab it down and pick out what I need. I store my embellishments in small 3 drawer holders that fit on the desktop or on a book case next to my desk. I'm one of those scrappers/stampers who likes everything within arms reach.

  13. I have put your blog on my Google REAder! I store my embellishments on a shelf in little baskets or those plastic baby food containers. My 12x12 paper is on a shelf in a layered paper basket, but I'm looking for something different as the paper hangs over.

    Great blog candy and don't you hate it when you are on vacation and can't access the internet! I think I am addicted to my stamping blogs!

    sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

  14. WOW this is sweet yummy candy you have!
    I store my embellishment in small draws that guys use to put nails and screws in. I label the draws and it seems to work for me.
    Thanks for a chance at this fabulous sweet candy.

  15. Hi Deborah!
    Thank you for offering that huge collection of goodies...I would love to organize them into my space :)

    For my 12 x 12 paper & cardstock, I use those plastic "Craftkeepers" from Michael's. They are like a plastic envelop that folds over at the top and snaps closed. I buy most of my papers in a collection, like SU or Basic Grey. I label the top front of each envelop with the name of the collection. I have them filed standing up, in a hot-pink plastic milk crate. They stay un-wrinkled and dust-free.

    Hope that helps!

  16. Wow that is a lot of blog candy. When are you coming back??? :0) Hugs

  17. Deb you need to finish up all that unpacking so you can come back and stamp and chat with us. Miss you. Hope the boys are settling in and that you are holding up okay.

    I keep my 12x12 paper in crop hopper vertical storage like SU sells. I bought mine before SU started selling theirs. I have all of my SU ribbon in their ribbon keeper but the rest of my ribbon is in drawers but I am thinking about rolling them all onto cards. That will be one of my projects for this winter. My stickers, that I never use are in a notebook. Most of my bulky embellishments are in a drawer that I put dividers in to keep them all neat and organized. SU brads and eyelets and such are in their spinner organizer and my other ones are in containers that look like pill organizers that I got at Joanns.

    Hope that help, looking forward to chatting with you soon.

  18. Organizing is good for the soul!
    I store 12 x 12 flat in Sterlite drawers. I'm not happy with that arrangement but for now that's how it is. I store cardstock upright in magazine holders I bought at IKEA. They are a deep burgundy and fabric covered. They look nice on the shelf, are easy to access and work very well.


  19. Hey cutie pie!!

    I have a Clip It Up and you MUST get one! They hold a TON Of things!! Google it! My paper is in stand up files to see the colors (I sort by most prominent color not company or anything else). I do have 6 drawers of 12 x12 that aren't in the stand up files yet......eesh!

    What yummy candy!

  20. Hello Deb...
    Hmmm I just have mine in pile right now...I need ideas too...Thanks Kathy...

  21. Wow, what awesome blog candy! Thank you for the chance to win!

    I store my 12x12 paper in stackable wire cubes from Walmart and a paper rack that I bought from a store going out of business. I know that probably doesn't help you much though. I do store all my loose ribbons in a huge clear vase? It's easy to see what's in there, and I have a ribbon iron if they get scrunched up a bit.

    Thank you again for the chance at your blog candy! Beautiful blog!!



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