Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wow!! I never really realized how much stuff I have acquired in this "little" hobby of mine, but it has grown to be more than I can use.  Or just used and probably won't use again!  SO! With that said, I have some SU! and Angel Company stamp sets that I am GIVING AWAY!!! All you have to do is pay for Priority shipping!!  It is definitely a bargain... if you see one you want, email me.  I accept Paypal only for these and once payment is received, I will send it out in the mail.  I will only hold what you want for ONE DAY and then it will be up for grabs after that.  I am looking to just deplete these items, so pass the word along to anyone you think may be in search for any of these.   These sets have all been loved and taken care of, so none are in bad shape. 

Shipping costs are as follows:
One set:  $4.60
Two sets: $6.90
Three or more: Flat Rate of $8.95

The SU! stamp set list:

~Gently Falling  (Taken)
~Polka Dots and Paisley  (Taken)
~Alphabet Soup
~Taggers Dozen
~Terrific Tags
~Too Terrific Tags
~Delight in Life
~Tag Time
~Say it Simply
~Small Sayings
~Festive Four
~Happy Winter  (Taken)
~Winged Things

The Angel Company sets:
I am not completely sure of the sentiment set names, but I will describe them the best I can.

~Sentiments: 16 stamps and is the set that has "yadda yadda yadda" in it! (Taken)
~Sentiments: 5 stamps (Love you, I Miss you, So sweet, Hey you
~Art Deco (This is the actual name of the set)

I am hoping to be back in commission within the next few days... I know, I have been saying that, but I keep running into more things to do!! : )  But really, I will have something up REALLY SOON!!!  AND... I will have some serious blog candy tomorrow!!  Thanks as always for stopping by!!


  1. Well geter done woman... hee hee... Miss ya! Hugs..

  2. I have GOT to get on the ball so I can snag the serious blog candy when it goes up for grabs - and not three weeks later realising I missed another giveaway. But I can see it now, 'Oh, sorry, Di, you can't participate because you're family.' You know, like those McDonald's sweepstakes thingys they used to do where you get those cards with the tear-off sides, and there was always a disclaimer that said employees and family members were excluded. HA! How's that for Rolodex memory???? I know, useless information, but hey, I do what I can.


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