Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lego Time!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to share with you a project I made for my boys to have in their playroom. They are huge Lego fans and we two bookcases with Star Wars Lego sets among a few other themes. Not to mention the buckets of loose Legos! My boys use every bit of Legos for some very imaginative designs and some even brilliant. They have even expressed wanting to become an engineer or architect just so the can become Lego Designers!

Anyway, a clock was needed in their playroom and I decided to take a few of their men and parts to create a Lego clock.  I even hand drew the Lego Logo, but wished I made it bigger.  I didn't think the clock piece would cover so much.
This is a super easy project which I used wood and paint along with a glue gun to create this simple clock! You will also need a drill to drill the center for the clock piece to fit.  I did paint the hands of the clock black to match and stand out a bit more. (instead of the standard gold color it comes as)

Thanks so much for stopping by!! 


  1. OH isn't this just the cutest!! What a fun and clever idea

  2. Amazing!! I have two lego maniacs...and one daughter who is not far behind them! hahal. I'm so going to have to do this too!

  3. This is awesome. You are the best mom. You do know now that I showed the twins this they are searching for the lego's I can use to make them each one. Thanks girlie. LOL Love it!!!


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