Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Mummy and The Broom

Hello everyone!! Gosh! It's Wednesday already?! I better get posting on some projects I have! LOL!! 

Today I wanted to share 2 projects by Martha Stewart.  They are not "new" but I am re-visiting them! : )  They are cute to hand out for Halloween and it will be what I will give the kids teachers.  You can currently find the broom treat bags as a kit at Micheals for $9.99 for 6 but why spend that kind of money when you can purchase inexpensive treat bags and grab some sticks from outside? 

For the broom, I used those inexpensive treat bags filled with kisses and a stick from my yard, while the tag I made using MFT's Totally Witchin' set for the sentiment.  I hand drew and cut out the hat for the tag. The string is some basic black cording.  This requires two treat bag for each broom- the first one, you will cut down into about 1/4" strips and stop at the bottom base all the way around the bag.  Fill the second bag with treats and cut the top portion into the same size strips only about 1/2" down.  Put the stick into that bag. Place the filled bag into the bag you cut open and gather at the top to be secured with the cording.  You can use a rubber band to help hold it together while tying the cord around. Add a tag or whatever you like and enjoy!!

For the mummy bag, I used the basic white lunch bag which I cut down a little and then used my craft knife and ruler to cut in various different spots.  The eyes I made using my 1" and 3/4" circle punches because I did not have any large googly eyes.  The googly eyes make it that much cuter. : )  I filled some more kisses in a cellophane bag and placed it inside. (obviously before you seal it down with the eyes)

These treat bags are really simple to do and make for a different way to present some candy.  I hope you enjoyed these projects and I appreciate you stopping by!! Have a great hump day!!


  1. Oh these are so cute! Perfect for Halloween party goodie bags!

  2. These are so cute... I love the broom stick!!

  3. AWESOME...these are adorable. Like them just as much as Martha's!!!


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