Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ornament Wish Box

With the holidays approaching, my children have lots of wishes and wants for the season.  As a jewelry designer, I was inspired to take an idea of a jewelry component and the wishes of my children to make an ornament wish box.  This can also be used to be a prayer box or even a little trinket box that can hold a pair of earrings or two hershey kisses.  With this box, I will make two for my kids to have them hang on the tree with a wish or prayer and on Christmas morning open the box to see if either the wish was granted or the prayer answered.  This is just another way I thought would help my children appreciate the holiday and understand the meaning. If making this box is of interest to you, let me know and I will be happy to post the template for making this.  

The top of the box is held using a half circle of velcro for easy opening and closing.  I used Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding in Fruitcake for the paper and a circle punch for adding a little to the front flap.  You can also use a border punch to make for a cute design.  As always, thanks for stopping by!!

***Don't forget to post your comment on what the song may be that is playing for $20 in gift certificates to My Favorite Things and Gina K!!  I am extending this until Saturday, November 15 at midnight!! Play along!!***


  1. Sunshine Day by the Brady Bunch! RLF or MS6 Spouse!

  2. How fun Deb!!!! What a blast from the past!

  3. Oh such a great idea and I like that it brings focus on soemthing other than the gifts and the real reason for the season. I do want the template *but you allready know that LOL *

  4. I would love the template for this box. Very cute. This would be perfect for my daughter's gift this xmas.


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