Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Beadn'...

Can you believe it? A little beadn came my way! LOL! I only get do that sporadically but this time it was a special request from my special friend Carole (TruCarMa), to have a rosary made with the St. Germaine medal attached.

She wanted this made with Swarovski Crystals which I happily obliged.  I hand wrapped each bead which I then attached to each other creating 5 decades before attaching that to the Our Father beads with chain. I finished it with the center piece, crucifix, and the medal.  Sounds simple enough, right? ;)

It had been a while since I made a rosary, but it was like riding a bike.  :) I really liked how it turned out with the sapphire crystals against the silver.  Hopefully, Carole's friend will enjoy and find comfort with this rosary.

Thanks for taking a peek and I hope to do a little more beadn soon!


  1. Gorgeous rosary! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Deb! I should have mentioned: this is for ME! :) Love you, girlie!!!


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