Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Fabric Checkbook Cover - Party Time Tuesday

I thought I would start today sharing with you a new sewing project that I tried last summer and wanted to re-visit - making a  cute checkbook cover.  I know! In today's digital world, who writes checks anymore? I still carry around my book for that one time I am needing to write a check, so why not make it cute?! :)  Now, I am no seamstress (so don't look closely if you are...) but this was simple enough that I would say a beginner could do it. 

I used some cute chevron patterned fabric and a coordinating polka dot one for the inside pockets. I added a piece of chipboard on the inside of the pockets for a little sturdiness and it helps in sliding your register and checkbook easier.  The outside flower was made using the large rolled rose die from MFT, some of the polka dot fabric, and a hot glue gun.  I added an enameled embellishment dot for the center.

I think it came out pretty cute and it makes whipping out your checkbook better.  Er... um... ok, not really because you still have to write the damage anyway, but it will look nice! :)  I  used this tutorial from Swoon Sewing Patterns to complete the project.  Thanks for stopping in and have a great Wednesday!
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  1. Those are some fantastic fabric colors! This is so practical & fun to make your own to use! I'm sure lots of people will love doing it. (I can't sew a lick!!) I envy those who do!

  2. Cute project and pretty fabric.

  3. yes that's perfect post..i think you are having a good database for that all...this might be helpfull for both of us...thanks so much.
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  4. You are so versatile Deborah. I love this checkbook cover.


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