Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Thoughts and More BLOG CANDY!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

First off... thank you to everyone playing along in my Blog Candy giveaway!! If you have not seen the mega candy, you can here.

Today, I just had some random thoughts I thought I would share.  And I wouldn't even mind some input!! Why your input? Because you can win MORE BLOG CANDY!! :D  What's in it?  Some Prima Flowers, Epoxy Brads, acrylic frame, and a Gina K set called My Tailgate or Yours?  Perfect for the upcoming Super Bowl parties!!!

Random thought #1....So, let's start off with cameras! Now, you all know I have been without a camera for some time now.  Let me share with you my camera saga! I had a wonderful point and shoot Canon since my kids were born, which had been dropped, played with by the boys, seen crazy pictures taken by my boys that no poor camera should see (LOL), and used on just about every vacation we have taken!!  That particular camera finally had enough a little over a month ago.  Last Valentines, my dh bought me a new camera while deployed to Iraq and it was wonderful!! Then about 6 months later, while sitting in my craft room, I am hunched over with the kids getting ready to take a picture, when it slipped and drops about 1-2 feet onto our hard floors.  Kaput! The camera refuses to work.  I contacted the company to see if they would fix it since it was still under the warranty, but being the honest Abe, I mentioned I dropped it.  Well!! The warranty is now void because of my negligence.  It was not worth trying to fix as it was cheaper to buy a new one.  So, I went back to using my trusted Canon.  Now that my trusted Canon decided that it has had enough, I am in the market to purchase a new one.  DH and I love the SLR cameras, but they don't take video, which we like to do if our video camera is not with us.  We are minimalists to where if we travel, we just like to bring only what is really needed. You don't always need video, but we like having the option.  We are now back at looking at some point and shoots.  We love Canon, but can't help looking at Nikons.  My question to you is, do you have a favorite brand or camera or did you receive a new one over the holidays that you can kindly share your thoughts about? The hubster and I really need to get going on this but can't seem to agree on which model.  Really?! As if this is rocket science... LOL!

Random thought #2.... Did I really think I could get my two 8 years olds to sign thier own Thank you cards to send out from Christmas? Yeeeaaahhh.... For a brief moment, I must have been living on another planet.  So, I finished them off this morning and signed thier names.

Random thought #3.... How is my laundry growing when I have completed the loads over and over? I am beginning to think I might just be doing my neighbors laundy too...

Random thought #4.... I am supposed to travel for a girls weekend tomorrow... here's to clear skies (HA! It's suppose to rain here...) and clear runways- For all the girls meeting up!

Random thought #5... There are personal shoppers right? Why can't there be personal packers and un-packers for travel? {giggle...}

OKAY! So those were just some randoms thoughts I figured I would share.  : ) Thank you for reading them and don't forget to answer my question!! You could WIN this blog candy!!  I will pick a random winner Tuesday AM.  I'm headed back to the laundry room to see what else might have ended up there to be washed....
I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and tomorrow I will have an Amate Studios Project to share with you all! The theme... Chinese New Year!


  1. I am not much of a photographer, but I love my Nikon Coolpix. I've had it for five years. It doesn't take videos though. Have fun at your girls' weekend.

  2. What is your budget for the camera?

  3. We staying in the $500 and below... Many great cameras within that range!

  4. Hi Deb!
    Well, last Christmas my parents gave me and my sister Canon Rebels. I really love it. I think it was around $500 (dad found them I believe on sale on Amazon). It takes really good, quality photos. However, it does NOT have the video option. The year before they bought us video cameras, and I don't even know where mine is! (shh... don't tell them. I think it's in the top of my closet.) I'm not a big video person, or one at all for that matter. So the video option wasn't important to me. Plus, they weren't going to spend a fortune on us, even though we thought they did since they spent WAY more than usual.
    MY camera of choice, however, is a small point-and-shoot digital that I keep in my purse at ALL times. It's a Panasonic, and I tell you, it takes the BEST photos. I always get compliments on it, and it was only a $150 camera. It's been dropped, gotten wet, rained on, dropped, toted around in my purse, dropped, and oh, did I mention dropped? (I have a 4 year old who is a mini photographer).
    I hope you can find something you love and that works for you! Good luck!!
    love, Lindsay

  5. I have had my point and shoot Canon for about 6 years and love it, I have dropped it several times, has dings and still going strong. What I want is the Canon Rebel because I love the brand. My brother has been using the Pentex brand for about 10 years 2 SLRs and loves his. Good luck, it's a hard decision.

  6. I have a Minolta and
    a Canon EOS 10D. I like the canon one the best, but the cost was over $$1-$2000. I take lots of studio pictures. My Minolta was about a $1000 also. So I really can't help with the point and shoot cameras. But the brand I like best is Canon. They had better service for me. I hope I can still be entered for the great blog candy. Thanks.

  7. Hi!!! I had a Canon p&s for a while. Loved it. Was able to get a Dslr and chose Nikon. Loved it ( chose that one because of Ken Rockwell's site ). My SIL has a Canon and has been telling me that I really should get one. Got the Canon 60D (much sturdier, alloy body as opposed to the plastic Rebel ones). Went with the 70-300 lens for my boys' sports shots and the mid range ($399) 50mm 1.4 lens and am IN LOVE!!!! You almost don't need another lens! And the cam has so many features, you really don't need a separate editing program. And it takes videos! LOVE this cam!!! Check out my pics on FB. Hugs, angel

  8. I have a Kodak camera and I don't intend to give it up. It's old, but works great. I have a 5 day old new granddaughter and if it fails, it will get pitched! Good luck in your search and thanks for a chance at some goodies!

  9. LOL Your random thoughts crack me up! You should of have the boys finishing writing their names, but yes the patience is the hardest part in all that. lol

  10. Great thoughts. I have a digital slr canon and I love it! I highly recommend it!

  11. I like the Canon 60D, it's sort of like a super Rebel. Best of luck in finding the perfect camera for you. I'm a follower. Thanks for a chance at some great candy.


  12. I love my trusty Kodak. It's easy to use and takes great pictures.


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