Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holland Pictures

I promised some pictures from my recent trip to the Netherlands.  I do not have too many of the country side since I was busy helping with the wedding, but I hope you enjoy them anyway! 

This is my brother-in-law's parents house- It is an old farm house built in the 1400's.  It was gorgeous and full of character!
This is many views you see throughout Holland.  There are beautiful churches everywhere that you can always see the steeple peeking through the trees.

This windmill is in the backyard of farmhouse.  It was so cool to see this everyday when you took a walk or left the house.  It is really working windmill with someone who runs it every Saturday.

This is my boys walking my sister down the isle...


The Bride and Groom

My boys

I have many more to share, but I thought I would start with these.... Thanks for peeking!!


  1. wonderful pics!! you and your sister are absolutely beautiful and your boys, SO handsome!!! what an awesome trip it must have been! hey, whenever you're ready for a new banner, you just let me know! ;}

  2. Oh what memories! The scenery looks fascinating. You & your sister are both just beautiful! And the framed boys ... darling photo!

  3. Deb these are adorable picture! I so LOVE the castle, that is awesome. Your boys are so adorable, and you can tell she is your sister. You guys look gorgeous!

  4. What fun and special pictures, Deb! You both look beautiful!! I so love that cute pictures of your boys with the frame -- and they look so handsome walking your sister down the aisle!

  5. What gorgeous pictures and your boys are so cute!! It looks like a stunning wedding! Thanks for sharing!



  6. What a wonderful wedding! and your pictures of Holland are lovely - how fun to visit there - will they be living there?? you and your sister look just a like accept for a little height difference (?) and your boys are adorable... how handsome in their little suits!


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