Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boys will be Boys... Oh Joy!-Sketch #65

The last two days were really crazy as one of my twins fractured his foot while playing with his friends and they jumped off a low lying chain linked fence.  After all the running around, it was amazing the ordeal I have to go through in order to obtain some pediatric crutches.  By 3:30 yesterday I still didn't have any and ended up with a wheelchair instead so that my son can function and at least go to school.  He (my son) of course did not mind as he thinks the chair is pretty cool and all his friends can push him around.  I just keep seeing hallway races in the school hall or him going down a hill and not being able to stop. LOL!! I know that is terrible to think, but you just know the thought of going fast in the chair is going through his or his friends' minds!   Here is a picture of him....

BUT! On with a card!!  This was made for this week's Sketches! {by Tamara} card sketch below. I decided to break out last years pack of Prima Poinsettia flowers I had and try to get into the Christmas spirit in October.  This was a really simple card to make with just the Primas and Papertrey's Snowflake Serenade set for the sentiment.   Thanks so much for stopping by and peeking!  Don't forget to check out my fellow design teams sketch cards!! 

**It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I will have a bracelet to share as well as what I will be doing with donations to the American Cancer Society! Stay Tuned!**


  1. Wonderful Christmas card Deb. And I just read your email also about DS. Oh my word... Big hugs... And hopefully it isn't broken when the swelling goes down. Sheesshh.. Boys. :0)

  2. Oh Deb poor little guy. Hope he heals quickly.

  3. Poor Tyler! What Austin didnt want to jump off the fence too?!??!

    Love your sketch card---beautiful Deb!

    hugs-miss you guys!

  4. Oh my, hugs to DS Deb. Beautiful card by the way...

  5. Oh no!!! Poor little dude!!! (actually, poor MOM!!!--HUGS)
    What a great card!!! I love the poinsettias!! And that color combo is great!

  6. What a beautiful card, Deb! I love those flowers!

    Hope Tyler is feeling better!

  7. And poor Tyler....although we can laugh at the fact he decided he was fine by leaving his cast and wheelchair behind to join the gang in playing outside! HAHAHA.....I don't blame him though - no crutches to even try to hang out with the rest?? That's BEAT.


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