Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CHA Chatter... What a ride!!

Well, I am back from Chicago and had an absolute blast!! Not only did I get to meet so many fellow SCSers, but owners of some of the best stamp companies around!  It was just so exciting to talk to everyone and get to know them a little better.  I even took the Copic class with some of these talented ladies.  Here are some pictures I took of who I got to meet..  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I will post more pics of fabulous ladies over the next few days!

Two of the sweetest ladies you will meet... Kim from MFT and  Emilybella from Stampingbella!

Laura Canale (Lovinlifenvegas), Michelle Giraurd (Flaxychick), and no other than Nichole Heady!  At this time, I was the Paparazzi for everyone as I always seem to be the one taking pictures! I had such a good time!

How fun it was to see Bev (TexasGammy) again! We first met at the Arlington swap in May and to see her again in Chicago was such a treat! What a doll she is!

Now here is a girl I think everyone needs to meet!! What a sweetheart and down to earth person you will come across!  What an honor to meet her... Lisa Johnson

We were having too good of a time in the Copic class... I stopped to take a snapshot of Jamie and Kim while we to be learning!

These two... Flaxychick and lovinlifenvegas, what sweeties!!! {{SIGH}} We had such a good  time laughing it up and hanging out...not to mention my two morning coffee buddies!

What would I do without my BFF Carolyn (Cammie)!!  It was so nice to see her again since we have moved away from each other.  We decided that this was a perfect time to meet up and hang out!  

My all time favorite! Sharon (notimetostamp) was in my Copic class and I wasted NO time in introducing myself and taking a snapshot with her!  What a sweetheart and a pleasure to meet!! I am just one of her many stalkers! LOL!


  1. OH, Deborah, you are too sweet!!! You got a ton of great pics!!! It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you IRL!!! That was a trip I will always cherish!!!

  2. Oh I love all the pictures Deb, wish I was this lucky. How fun.

  3. OH MY WORD...you are so lucky and what a blast you studette.....Wished I couldv'e went with :(

    But still happy for you, :)


  4. Deb, you look BEAUTIFUL!! Nice dress!! It sounds like you had a fabulous time at the Colouring Convention! (OK, you DO know I am just teasing on the name, don't you??....I think it's great they do this...enables you to meet so many people, learn new techniques, etc.....fabulous.)


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